10 Top Best Security Guard Companies in Los Angeles

10 Top Best Security Guard Companies in Los Angeles  

What if you want information about security companies in Los Angeles? Google has a lot of information, and sometimes it’s hard to get the information you wish to from google as it’s too crowded. But if you are looking for security companies in Los Angeles, you are on the right page because we will give you detailed but to-the-point information about the Top Ten Best Security Guard Companies in Los Angeles.


We will only discuss the largest security companies in California. And here is the list of security guard companies in Los Angeles.


1. Allied Multinational Security Inc.

All top ten best security companies in Los Angeles are professional and trained. Everyone has advantages, but if we rate one excellent company in every way, it’s Allied Multinational Security. Allied Multinational Security is a service company that believes in the best possible services. That’s why they are number one in the industry. No matter, the way they handle their customers is exceptional and proven with a large number of happy customers. And it’s not only their customer service but a lot more.


We will briefly discuss the cons of having services of Allied Multinational Security as compared to other security companies in Los Angles.


Security Guard Training

Each job requires different skills, and Allied Multinational has proven this by providing customized training to their security guards. Allied Multinational Security has genuinely adopted the right person for the right job. For example, a security guard in an event requires a different skill and training than one managing an entry or exit point of any building. Allied multination security does provide a large number of security services. Still, each security guard is trained individually as per the need of that site to provide the best possible experiences to our customers.


Customer Services

Customer service is essential in the security business. Customers trust and hire security companies for their valuable properties, and whenever customers want or need it, Allied Multinational Security communicates 24/7 effectively and efficiently with their customers. And this is the key to success in any business.



A lack of supervision can be expected in the security business. Still, Allied Multinational Security has designated professional and trained supervisors who keep an eye on them to avoid mistakes and provide an exceptional customer experience.


Detox every Hour

They are professional and make sure to provide efficient and effective customer services. Detox every Hour ensures patrolling on the designated route, which gives a sense of satisfaction to the customers with the help of technology.


Live GPS

Live GPS and guard tracking systems help to provide the best services. With the help of technology, Allied Multinational provide hustle-free services to their customers.


Types of security services provided by Allied Multinational Security:

Security Guards  

2. United Guard Services

United Guard Services is also an excellent security company in Los Angles because of the services they provide to its customers. Also, they are relatively new and trying to fit in the industry, so they are cheaper and always try to provide their customers the best possible services and quality. Below are some attributes of United Guard Services.


No Long-term Commitments

They provide a great customer service experience to their clients as they don’t ask for a long-term promise from their clients. Hence, the client feels comfortable not engaging themselves in a long-term contract with any security company.


Use of Technology

Sometimes you can do wonders with the use of technology that is otherwise not possible that’s how United Guard Services is doing to monitor their guard’s movements for the best possible service experience. They are using an onboard live app to track and monitor the movements of security guards on-site, as we all know that sometimes it’s only a security guard who takes care of the client’s site. This technology gives a sense of satisfaction to both employer and client.


Security Services provided by UGS:

  • Armed Security Guards
  • Unarmed Security Services
  • Fire Watch Security
  • Concierge Services
  • Golf Cart Patrol
  • Vehicle Patrol Services

3. Onguard Security Services

Fulfillment of promise and commitment is the key to success. Ongaurd security services are one of the companies that believe in customer service. They have trained a professional security team to fulfill their commitments on time and in the best possible manner. Also, the belief in technology and genuinely use it for maximum output of their work and to provide the best possible services.


For example, they are using a live tracking app to track the movement of their guards so they can maintain the level of customer service that their customers are expecting from them. So if you are in Los Angeles and looking for security services, Onguard security services can help.


4. Galaxy Security

Professional dress is essential, especially when you are at the site. Galaxy security ensures it provides the best possible services to its clients. The professionalism of their security team also attracts a lot of clients. Let’s discuss the reason for choosing galaxy security.


Fully Equipped

Alone security guard cannot provide you with efficient and effective security. They also need some equipment for better services, so galaxy security understands, and their officers are geared with the right tools in case of need. For example, they always have a utility belt with a security badge and handcuffs with pepper spray with a license to use in case of need. So they ensured that their guards wore orange vests were required to avoid any incidents and visibility.


Digital Detox

A free service provided by galaxy security is a digital detox. As we can disuse above, one can view a live patrol of security officers with GPS locations. The security guard will scan QR codes with their phones placed around a property, and that scanning employee or client can track their patrol activities and live location for better and more effective services.

Security Guard  

5. Bannerman Security

Management of security is essential. What if you can manage someone at your property in an effortless manner? Bannerman does help you to manage your security at your ease or get continuous reports digitally without any hustle. Bannerman security help to provide collective personal security and technology-based solution to ensure the maximum level of protection.


They do provide different security services, which are as below:

  • Corporate Security
  • Health Security
  • Outdoor Security
  • Retail Security

Bannerman security ensures top-rated security guards. A lot of security providers lack professionalism and the quality of security guards. Still, Bannerman security focuses on the latest training and professionalism, so it does not matter whether you are a small client or large. You will be treated equally and get the same quality as others, unlike others where you get what you pay for.


6. Stoney Security Services

What if you get security services but at discounted rates? None of the well-rated security companies provide discounts, and sometimes even; it will be hard to hire an excellent-rated security company due to their demand for clients. Still, Stoney security works with clients, and they are open to providing a discount to their clients.

Security Guard  

7. Art of K9 Security Group

Knowing one skill is different from knowing another one. For example, skills required for concert security or skills required for loss prevention will be different. Art of K9 Security Group works with clients to provide them with the exact skills and services they want for efficient and effective security services. Other than that, they provide exceptional customer service. And try to provide the best customer experiences to their clients. Also, they don’t ask for long-term commitments from their client and work on the ease of the client.


One thing which makes this security company different from others is the supervision of its security guards. Client properties and assets are important. That’s why they hire security to look after those assets. Best security experience can’t be complete without proper supervision, and with the help of proper supervision, you will make sure that performance is matched with expectations or not. Art of K9 Security Provides clients with various security services, from commercial to residential and schools to nonprofit organizations.


8. Elevated Protective Services

Training and learning are important factors in the security business. One can only train employees if they are capable or have enough knowledge. Elevated Protective Services know their job, and they do because a veteran owns it. Other than that, they hold multiple certificates, which are hard to earn, so they know the skills and provide the best possible services to their clients.


The list of certificates is as below.

  • Sam’s Certified
  • Dunn’s Certified
  • Los Angeles County Vendor
  • PPO Licensed holder

You can easily google the significance of these certificates. The certificates give an edge to elevated protective services.


9. Eagle Eye Protection Inc.

Communication is key to the success of any business. What if you hire someone who is not good at effective communication, then your valuable property will be at stake? Everyone wants good communication to be aware of what’s going on at their property. Eagle eye is one the company that is good at communication and always works with clients to provide good services. Also, they are led by some ex-navy and army special forces, which ensures their professionalism.


List of services they provide to their clients:

  • Executive Protection
  • International Travel Protection for Executives
  • Highly Trained Security Guards
  • Corporate Security
  • Residential and Estate Security
  • Special Event Services
Cctv Security Services  

10. Allied International Security

Allied International and Allied Multinational are different security companies with different management, but both do not compromise on experience and professionalism. Good management gives you a sense of security. Also, Good management gives you a good team. Allied International Security provides you with an efficient and effective security guard for your premises. If you are in Los Angeles and want something economical, Allied International can be your choice.


Here is the list of the services they provide to their clients:

  • Armed Security
  • Event Security
  • Construction Site Security
  • Hospital Security
  • Loss Prevention
  • Mobile Patrol
  • Unarmed Security
  • Fire Watch Security
  • School Security


Security is not just a service. It’s a passion and a vision. Sometimes you don’t earn a lot in a contract but for good word of mouth. Security is essential because you are hiring someone for your valuable property, and the security will protect your property when no one is around. Hence, it’s necessary to hire someone with previous experience or who provides the best services and is reliable.


Suppose you are looking for someone trustworthy who can protect your property with the latest technology. In that case, Allied Multinational Security can help you, and you can easily trust them as they are already serving many happy customers. Their security guards are geared with all required tools for the best possible services.


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