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Armed security guard is a professional security guard who carries a firearm and has full professional training on operating that firearm in case of need. Armed security guards may include ex-police officers or duty officers who are skilled and very professional about their tasks.

Armed security guards can provide businesses a maximum level of security in case of need because they carry a licensed firearm. In emergency or panic situations, they know how to use those arms to avoid any human and economic loss.

Armed Security Guard Training

Which businesses need armed security guards?

The population is increasing daily, so new businesses and brands are coming into the market. But we are always short of resources, so it’s hard for governments to maintain law and order. Almost all businesses or industries need armed security guards in today’s world.

Businesses benefit from unarmed security guards, but they only have to observe and report they don’t have proper arms to react in case of real emergencies. But if businesses do hire armed security guard services, they can easily deal with any panic situation and sometimes actually can avoid these issues.

Here we will discuss some of the main businesses that hire armed security guard services.

Retail store

Retail stores are one of the main clients of armed security guard companies as retail theft or vandalism increases rapidly. The importance of armed security guards has gone up because they can help businesses survive and save a lot of money.

After all, these armed security guard companies like Allied Multinational Security are bonded and trained for panic situations. Some of the retail businesses that need armed security guards frequently are as below:

  • Late night public restaurants and Bars
  • Businesses who deal in large cash
  • Businesses with large layoffs
  • Alcohol-based events
  • Businesses who do sell marijuana etc.

Shopping malls

The main target of bad elements for theft is always shopping malls. So they hire armed security guards to provide the maximum level of security to everyone who is doing business in their malls and the customers so they can feel safe and secure while shopping.

Financial Centers

The riskiest place is always financial institutions, so it’s important to have maximum security for financial institutions like banks, etc. And the armed security guards are the ones who can provide that level of safety to these places which they require. How? Because they have pieces of training and proper skill, they are professional like Allied Multinational Security we do provide complete satisfaction to our clients with peace of mind.

So businesses can then take care of other important issues while their security becomes our responsibility.

Residential communities

Everyone needs security while at home. It’s important because everyone is living with families. And armed security guards are the ones who can provide the highest level of security with satisfaction like Allied Multinational Security do provide armed security guard services with many happy clients in the industry. Also, our training is best in an industry that gives our clients peace of mind, and they feel safe and secure.

Construction site

Construction sites do have costly equipment and materials, and it’s very common to theft in these places because it’s easy to target. But construction sites can deal with these problems while hiring professional armed security guards to avoid any comic losses.

Duties of armed security guards?

The duties of armed security guards vary and depend upon the tasks. For example, the duties of an armed security guard posted at school will differ from those posted at the construction site or hospital. But there are some common goals which all armed security companies need to meet.

  • 360-degree protection of premises
  • To prevent any criminal activity like theft, vandalism, trespassing, etc.
  • To resist any criminal activity or theft with force or use of arms as per law to stop criminal activity.
  • Ensure the safety of everyone inside and outside the premises.

Security guard vs. armed security guards?

A security guard is a professional man who observes a particular site for the safety of premises and reports to concerned authorities in case of an incident. Still, an armed security guard is a professional who carries arms to protect your premises and employees. Also, the armed security guards are trained.

They are full of skills to provide maximum available security to the business for protection and safety.

Armed Security Guard

Why hire Allied Multinational Security for armed security guard services?

We are already serving a large number of happy clients. There are many reasons to hire us. We are flexible with the best possible rates compared to our competitors, but that doesn’t mean the level of service is less.

We promise that the level of service you will experience with allied multinational you can never experience anywhere else. We don’t make any time bond contracts. Also, our armed security guards are highly trained, and they have all possible skills to cater to any situation. We are 24/7 available for your services.

We guarantee to all of our clients that we are also not if you are not happy. And we will make sure to provide you such a level of services that you will not only be happy, but also the services will exceed your expectations and fulfill your needs and wants. So in the future, you will be our positive word of mouth.


Security always does come first. Especially in today’s world where we are seeing more thefts and vandalism, it was never like before in past so a good business can only be done if employees and customers will feel safe, not only in businesses but anywhere if you are not feeling safe and secure you can’t achieve peace of mind.

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Unarmed security is good but cannot provide a maximum security level. Hence, businesses hire armed security guards to cater to those issues that the unarmed cannot deal with. There is always a gap between armed and unarmed security services.

Allied Multinational Security knows how to fill that gap by providing their clients with the best available armed security guard services. Unarmed security is good for observation and reporting purposes, but when responding immediately to the incidents, armed security guard companies can provide you with such a level of satisfaction.

It depends upon the needs and wants of the client. But the average pay rate for armed security guards ranges between $20 to $100 per hour.

Again it depends upon the skills and experience of armed security guards. If experienced and trained, the pay rate might range between $25 to $35. Pay rate can also depend upon the level of services. But it can be a lower rate for a new armed security guard who is new to the field and doesn’t require experience.