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Whether you are a public figure or not. In today’s world, if you are doing well and you can be offered it’s better to hire bodyguard services, especially if you are a public figure or celebrity. Celebrities are well-known personalities and when they employ professional security to protect them from getting harmed in public, those services are known as bodyguard services. Bodyguard services can be armed or un-armed depending upon the circumstances also the need and want of a client.

We all know that fame comes with a price, and celebrities permanently lose their privacy when they are in public and it can be hazardous if they are not protected by professional security.

Why do you need to hire bodyguard services?

  • If you are a celebrity and you are worried about your protection.
  • You are a celebrity or public figure but are not satisfied with your current bodyguard services.
  • You are organizing a high-risk event with celebrities.
  • If you don’t want to take risks and you want to avoid any problem.
  • If you think celebrities’ lives are more important because it can question your countries overall security and can affect the media industry.

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What bodyguard services can you expect from us?

A bodyguard is specialist security personnel, typically a former policeman, and their work secures you from damage consisting of assault, attack, other risks, or threats. Our bodyguard services are the best in the industry because we know the importance of life, especially if you are a celebrity. We know attacks on celebrities can ruin your entertainment industry and your overall economic system.

Our most professional bodyguards are highly trained and skilled in the entertainment industry. They know the risk and can access it ahead, so you feel safe because you know you are in good hands. We believe in results and committed to providing you with the services you can imagine.

We offer our services at:

  • Restaurants
  • Shopping malls
  • Large public gatherings
  • Schools/colleges/universities
  • Political events
  • Charity events
  • During brand per-motions + more

Why should you hire Allied Multinational Security for bodyguard services?

Because we are the right persons for the right job, our team is most professional in bodyguard services. Our bodyguards are highly trained. Might you need to ask some questions before you hire someone? Either the services you are hiring are professional? Are they capable of handling any emergency? What if the bodyguards will not be highly trained?

So it’s essential to choose the right person for bodyguard services because the person they are protecting is valuable. Also, they might be a public figure and if there will be any incident, it will be a loss of that person plus a loss of industry and country.

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If you hire us, we will access the whole situation and area and the nature of bodyguard services before providing essential services. Our highly trained staff will access the entire situation and then make a plan to act accordingly. So then they will make sure the safety of that person and place.

You always expect more when you hire us because we promise to exceed your expectations. Here is a little brief about our bodyguard services.

1. Highly trained bodyguards

Our bodyguards are highly trained and professional, and they are also equipped with the latest and modern equipment to act accordingly for the situation and crisis. Our bodyguard services are one of the best in the industry with already having a lot of happy and repeated customers who are highly satisfied with our services.

2. Defensive training

Executives are the ones who do hire personal bodyguard services. Because they feel sometimes it might be dangerous to be in public, if they are in public it will be effortless to harm that person and a layperson physically, or that executive can’t handle that situation because they are not trained for that. Still, our bodyguard is trained for defensive actions and does know very well how to handle that situation quickly.

3. Chauffeur Services

Executives always need a complete service, and it’s hard to trust others. For example, suppose an executive with high risk is in a situation during a pickup or drop-off. In that case, your regular chauffeur can’t handle that situation because they are not trained bodyguards. They are not professionals to cope-up with that situation. That’s why we provide complete services like chauffeur services, including pickup and drop-in style with full protection.

4. Can access Potential vulnerability

Our bodyguard services are trained in a way that they can access the potential vulnerability even before it occurs. Their senses become so strong through training that they can safely handle those situations.

5. More than personal security

Our bodyguards are more than personal security and we will serve you more than you are expecting. To enjoy these services, you don’t need to be an executive or very high fi. Because law enforcement officers can’t Patrol all the areas you are travelling or planning to move. So usually do arrive after the incidents so don’t hesitate if you are planning to move and you thinking to hire private security call us and leave rest on us. Our liability will become our responsibility and we will fulfil it with complete care and style.


Bodyguard services in Los Angeles are broader than the personal security guards. Because bodyguards are more skilled and professional in their field, their job is sensitive because they protect executives who are more vulnerable to the public. They are also trained for defensive action to avoid any possible problems. We know that police can’t protect executives 24/7 as we have large populations with fewer resources, so instead of taking risks, it’s better to hire someone more professional to handle and avoid any possible problems.

We provide the best and excellent bodyguard services at Allied Multinational Security at least expensively. Our private bodyguard services are well known in the industry because we have proved ourselves by providing exceptional services. You don’t have to be a celebrity for our personal bodyguard services, even if you are a businessman or an ordinary man. Still, if you are looking for bodyguard services near me, then we are the answer. You can call us 24/7 on 1-888-843-1160. We will be ready to help you as early as possible with the best possible solutions in the least expensive way.

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It’s a long process, but in short, we make it transparent and competitive so we can get the best out of best; for example, first of all, we do check the extensive background of our bodyguards with job history confirmation and we do check their behaviours before hiring them through the testing system. And if we find everything fine, we go to the next step of three different panel interviews from our experts to access the right person for the right job with an excellent background because we want to provide a great experience to our clients and the best possible services they can imagine.

The salary varies, but it ranges between $10k to 240K, averaging $43k. But it all depends upon how they are trained and how much they are professional.

At Allied Multinational Security, you don’t need to worry. If you are looking to hire a personal bodyguard service, you can call us 24/7. And leave rest on us we will take all the responsibility, and you don’t need to stress out at all. After your one call, we will take care of all the documentation, plus we will serve you with the best possible services. You can call us 24/7 on 1-888-843-1160.

The average is between $20 to $30. It’s a national average depending upon state and city laws. But bodyguards are more expensive than average personal security as they are more than personal security. Hence, they cost around $75 to $150 per hour, which depends upon the event and nature of the job.