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What is mobile patrol?

Mobile patrol means security do patrol inside or outside building or premises for security. Mobile patrol can include automobiles, bicycles, mopeds, golf carts, Helicopters, horses, etc.

What does a mobile security officer do?

At Allied Multinational Security, we hire the best and supply dedicated and assigned security patrol vehicles to our clients to support their goals. Their duties and responsibilities include:

  • Remaining visible in or around the property or person.
  • Patrols properties efficiently and effectively after business hours.
  • Remaining vigilant to respond quickly and efficiently in an emergency.
  • Observing and reporting all activities (particularly those that are out of the normal).
  • Enforcing safety policies from the client.

Mobile Petrol Security Car

Why is mobile security important?

Do you need a mobile patrol to check the locks or doors after hours? Or someone to make sure the safety of your premises? Do you need a mobile patrol to make sure that no one does the graffiti outside your premises? Are you facing an ongoing issue of trespassing? If yes, then Allied Multinational Security is best in the industry for Mobile Guarding. Because we do have adequately trained guards and we provide excellent mobile patrol services.

Types of locations that use Mobile Security Patrols.

It depends where you need the mobile patrols, but we provide Mobile Guarding in Parking Lots, Residential Communities, Construction, Shopping Centers etc.

Parking Lots

Our officer in your parking lot will keep harmful elements away. Our mobile patrol services at Allied Multinational Security aim to:

  • Stop vehicle theft
  • Keep harmful elements away from premises.
  • Encourage a safe environment for employees and everyone.

Residential Communities

For people’s homes, everyone wants excellent safety. Our Security Guards will keep an eye on the area where vandals, burglars, and criminals can happen. Our company marked cars with flashing lights will keep the bad elements away.


Bad elements love the construction premises because they usually have expensive tools and materials they can easily steal. Still, an excellent Mobile Patrol can decrease these issues and stop for the future.

Mobile Patrol Car

Shopping Centers

Shopping centers and large public places have expensive branded stores. And they always need to be protected so Mobile Patrol can protect these places in a better way. Because they know where the loop wholes are, and trained mobile patrol services know what steps can be taken to stop these issues for a better environment.


Thefts are usual these days. It’s essential to have professional and trained Mobile Patrol to avoid any loss. Allied Multinational mobile security patrol is best in town to protect your assets and business. Our experienced security service are well known in the industry. We will provide you with a complete solution that guarantees the most efficient and effective services one can ever imagine.

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Patrolling means keeping an eye on-premises by continuous walking or travelling around them. Businesses hire mobile patrol because they don’t want security at a particular point. They want to show the bad elements that security is at the site, so beware.

Yes, it does work because security is all about presence. When guards patrol around the building, the bad elements don’t bother to create any scene as they know that the guard will immediately respond if they do so. Allied Multinational do have trained and professional guards for Mobile Patrol or Mobile Guarding.

Mobile patrol is not static security, which means they don’t stay at a particular point. Mobile patrol does patrol around the building or maybe inside the premises too. Also, they don’t stay long at a specific point but move around or may cover different sites in a single shift as per the client’s requirement.

Mobile security patrol guard answers alarm calls and dispatches from the closest alarm station. These alarms are robbery alarms, fire alarms, and anything that requires after-hour attention to the client premises. The mobile patrol also walks through client spaces both inside and outside to see if there is:

  • Any harm to the property
  • Any doubtful activity
  • Unlocked doors that should be locked
  • Anyone Unofficial on the premises

Mobile security patrol does secure premises by patrolling the building from both and sometimes inside the premises to ensure that everything is safe and secure. Mobile patrol or Mobile Guarding do a lot of tasks during their duty hours, as we have already discussed above, but their primary purpose is to make the premises safe and secure to avoid any losses.

It’s all about speed. If a mobile security patrol guard is on the vehicle, they can chase the suspect quickly and effectively to stop the damage, leading to a more significant loss. The biggest advantage is also to cover a much larger area geographically.