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What are unarmed security companies?

Unarmed security companies are those who provide security guards who don’t carry arms. Unarmed security guards have many duties to perform, but their main duty is to observe and report to concerned authorities.

But it may vary because they are multitasked and can perform many duties as per client needs and wants. Unarmed security companies do provide both foot and vehicle patrol services.

Unarmed Security Guards

Role of unarmed security companies in today’s world?

Today’s world is very fast. You can connect with millions of people in a couple of seconds from anywhere in the world and almost everything is based on technology because it’s affordable and reliable. So businesses do put everything on electronics or technology like for security they use cameras and alarms to protect their assets.

Still, they don’t hire unarmed security companies because, in the short term, it’s expensive than technology but not as secure as a physical unarmed security company services. Unarmed security companies like Allied Multinational Security can provide peace of mind with bonded guards in a less expensive way.

If you analyze a technology cost and an unarmed security company cost, you will find in the long term that the unarmed security companies are less expensive than technology. What unarmed physical security can do a technology can never do. It will also be easy to play and to alter a technology than a physical unarmed security company services.

Because unarmed security guards can act as per situation, the alarm or cameras will only perform what they are programmed for. So the role of unarmed security companies is very vital and important because the business wants to make profits with best available and possible security.

Hence, the unarmed security companies are the ones who are providing those services and peace of mind to them so they can focus on other important matters and leave the security on Allied Multinational Security.

Services provided by unarmed security companies?

Unarmed security companies provide many services to their clients. A good unarmed security company like Allied Multinational Security does serve its clients as per the needs of security.

Some clients think armed security will be best for them as it will provide the maximum level of security. But we at Allied Multinational Security do visit our clients with our most professional team before finalization of contract then we do access the needs and want of our client, so we do provide the best possible solution with cost-effectiveness because if our clients will be happy we as an unarmed security company will be happy.

We are here to stay as we are already serving thousands of happy clients, including unarmed and armed security guards services. Our main purpose is to serve our clients and to provide them peace of mind through great services.

Standing Unarmed Security Guards

Technology vs. unarmed security companies?

Technology is good, reliable, cheap and cost-effective, but you cannot trust only technology, especially when it comes to security. For example, when you install cameras for security, there will be thousands of grey areas which can be used for the security lapse.

But suppose you will hire professional unarmed security companies like Allied Multinational Security. In that case, there will be no grey area cover because technology does need electricity which can cheat you, but our unarmed security guard services cannot cheat you.

At Allied Multinational Security, we make strategies before posting our unarmed security guards at clients’ locations and then cover 360-degree security to avoid future security problems. And we will prove to you that our cost will be far less than technology only cost in the end. 

Questions that can help you choose the best-unarmed security companies?

It’s really important to choose the right unarmed security company, and you as a business should ask some basic questions before hiring any unarmed security officers for your business.

Why because? If you don’t hire professional unarmed security services, you can face unbearable economic loss. Also, one can lose its good reputation as a good work place. Know we will discuss those basic questions.


The first and most important question should be asked about the license? Either the unarmed security companies are licensed or not? Because if they are not licensed, you will face a legal consequence in the end, and you cannot achieve your goals while hiring an unarmed security guard.

It’s important to check whether they are properly trained or not because if they are not trained and professional, your business objective of hiring a good company cannot be fulfilled. And good unarmed security companies like Allied Multinational Security companies provide the best training available to their guards with proper knowledge and skills, so they are served in the best possible way.

It’s important to ask for insurance or if their unarmed security officers are bonded or not? Because if something happens, you as a business will have something on your back that you can claim, and you will not be at risk of failure.

Situations do change, and the only thing permanent is change and if the unarmed security companies are willing to customize their services in case of need, you should go for it; otherwise, you will pay a higher price if they hesitate to customize their services.

Allied Multinational is the only company in the security industry that does offer a free professional visit to your site to access the actual need and want. Excellent service.

So if you are looking for some cost-effective but excellent security services, your answer is Allied Multinational Security. Because we believe your security will become our liability and responsibility after you hire us for your unarmed security guard services.

Everyone does business to make a profit, not to increase expenses, but some expenses are unavoidable and are necessary to run smooth business operations. Security is one of them, so everyone always wants to spend less and want excellent service so Allied Multinational Security will never disappoint you.

We do price match, but we will guarantee that your trust will never shake on us and we will provide you not only good services, but we will exceed your expectation with the best available unarmed security guard officers.

When you finally decide to hire unarmed security companies, you should also make sure if they have a proper check and balance system for their unarmed security officers or not? At Allied Multinational Security, we provide free supervisory visits to your site to maintain a check and balance system for the unarmed security guards.

It’s important because it does not matter how trained and skilled you unarmed security officers are because, in the end, they will perform their duties by themselves in the premises, especially during night time so it will be best to hire services who do offer a frequent supervisor visit to maintain a check and balance system.

Why hire Allied Multinational Security as an unarmed security company?

Our unarmed security services are the best in the industry. Why? Because we provide them frequent best available training and skills with proper practical’s before placing them at any of our client locations. Our all security guards are bonded and licensed to avoid any problems.

We do price match as we are less expensive but with excellent services. Our professional team will provide a free and professional estimate while accessing your security needs with a proper solution so you will never face any security issues in the future.


Security is important. Hiring a wrong unarmed security company can result in a problem with economic and time loss. And no one wants a loss, so always hire professional unarmed security companies like Allied Multinational Security because by hiring them, you will have peace of mind that a professional company is taking care of your business so you can focus on other important issues other than security.

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