The Top 7 Duties of a Security Guard

the top 7 duties of a security guard  

This article has the top 7 duties of a security guard. The security guard duties range from protecting the client’s assets to ensuring that the facility is patrolled and well watched. The article also discusses the jobs expectations of a security guard.


If you want a new career, consider becoming a professional security guard. Security guards are hired for their physical and mental abilities to protect what matters most, including retail establishments, hospitals, Construction Sites or A-list celebrities. Guarding these important people is no easy task and requires high qualifications, certifications and training.


Many people who are looking for a job as a security guard also want to learn about the duties of a security guard in order to be hired. You might choose a company that has an in-house security team instead. Other people prefer to work directly for themselves and provide their own security team.


Generally, a security guard’s job is to deter crime, prevent it from happening by watching for suspicious behavior and react proactively when an incident occurs.


The Top Duties of a Security Officer

Security guards are responsible for ensuring the safety of people in a particular area. They may be assigned to protect a specific location, such as a business or building, or they may be hired to protect a specific group of people, such as tourists or athletes.


Security guards are expected to detect and respond to threats while they’re on duty. They may also be responsible for regulating traffic in the area and preventing unauthorized entry into the protected area.


Security guards must have a valid license and good physical conditioning. They must also be able to read and write well, since they will often have to report incidents to authorities. Security guards must be aware of local laws and regulations, and they must be prepared to enforce them if necessary.


Security guards can come in many different forms, depending on the needs of the customer. Allied Multinational Security is one of the leading companies providing personal security services for a variety of industries, from hospitality to technology. Our focus is on:

  1. Armed Security Guards
  2. Unarmed Security Guards
  3. Workplace Violence Security
  4. Fire Watch Security
  5. Construction Site
  6. Retail Security
  7. Mobile Patrols Security
  8. Events Security
  9. VIP and Personal Security
  10. Residential Security
  11. Executive Protection Security
  12. Temporary Security Officer

Many retired or off-duty law enforcement and military personnel find a career as a security guard challenging and fulfilling. Let’s explore the top 7 duties of a security guard.


7 Top Responsibilities of Security Guard

Security guards are responsible for many different tasks on-site, but one of the most important is to be present at all times.


Security guards are not law enforcement agents. Their job is to protect the property and people who are inside it.

  Armed Security Guards

Most security guards should be present when the property is open to the public and during peak hours. They should also be on site during events that are scheduled on the property, such as concerts or sporting events.


To avoid problems or conflicts, it is important that you understand your responsibilities as a security guard. Here are some tips to ensure that your property is safe and enjoyable for all who visit.


Here are 7 Top Responsibilities of Security Guard:


Be a Visible

Criminals are less likely to commit crimes like theft and physical assault when there is a security guard around. Just the mere presence of security personnel will stop people who want to commit theft, vandalism or physical assault.


Keeping Good Public Relations

The security guard has to maintain good public relations as they constantly interact with the public. Likewise, clients expect that highly-qualified professionals provide any given information e.g. identify a safety issue, recommend a course of action; or additionally being helpful and helping others in need.


Identify Potential Threats in the Workplace and Protect the Company

Businesses gain a huge benefit from having security guard teams on staff. Business owners cannot expect their employees or normal guards to be able to identify when something is not right because they lack the skills and training. Security guards possess the necessary training, expertise and skills to identify when abnormal behaviors occur.


Monitoring Access to Properties

One of the biggest dangers to companies’ security is unauthorized access. While schools, hospitals and construction sites all recognize the need for rigorous monitoring, many entryways are just not monitored effectively, which can result in security risks. Security personnel can monitor visitors and vendors and also maintain logs of employees.


Preps for Emergency Events in the Workplace

Security personnel are trained to respond in any emergency, and they are often the ones to know when a dangerous situation arises. When they see that a serious event is happening, security personnel can provide evacuation support and other services which can’t be provided by civilians.

  Mobile Patrol Car  


The regular patrols of your site is an integral part of the security job. Crawling around and visiting point to point is important for finding the safety hazards in a large area. It also makes visitors feel like security guards are ever vigilant if there is an attempt to commit a crime.


Offer Safety Warnings and Tips

One of the responsibilities of a security guard is to give guidelines to his employer on how to prevent security threats. He should also describe consequences for failing to follow his advice in order to help convince employers to adhere to his suggestions. A security officer should do their best to ensure all safety measures are followed by those with access to their facility, among other responsibilities.


How do They Protect Themselves in the Workplace?

Security guards must protect themselves and their clients in order to complete their duties.


One of the most important duties of a security guard is protecting themselves in the work place. They must always be cognizant of the surrounding environment and always be prepared to react quickly if a threat were to arise. Security guards also need to be familiar with the company’s policies and procedures, so that they can effectively carry out their duties.


Security guards must also be aware of the threats that may exist in the work place. They must be prepared to deal with any type of situation, from vandalism to assault. Security guards must stay in control during stressful situations.


Overall, security guards are responsible for a wide range of tasks that protect them and their clients. Systems and procedures are in place to ensure a safe and successful project. All participants are well taken care of.

  Armed Security Guards

What are the 5 skills to look for when deciding whether you should become a security guard?

Anyone considering a career in security should be aware of the different skills that are necessary for the job. In order to be successful, a security guard must have strong communication and organizational skills as well as physical abilities. Below are 5 key skills that security guards need to have:


Strong Communication and Organizational Skills

A security guard must be able to effectively communicate with other members of the team and customers. They must also be able to keep track of multiple tasks at once and make sound decisions quickly in chaotic situations.


Physical Abilities

Security guards must be able to move quickly and exercise caution when dealing with dangerous situations. They must also have a strong sense of smell and hearing in order to identify potential threats.



A security guard should maintain composure under pressure and stay focused on their job. Self-sentiment and workability should also be its key qualities.


Problem Solving Skills

Security guards must be able to think critically and come up with solutions when faced with difficult challenges.



A security guard must be willing to work hard for long periods of time without rest in order to keep customers and employees safe.


Qualities of a Good Security Guard

A good security guard has the following qualities:

  • Patience
  • Good People Skills
  • Strong Observation Skills
  • Proven track record of being able to handle difficult situations
  • Ability to deal with change and increased responsibilities
  • Good at communicating
  • Has a positive attitude and is willing to follow the law

An ideal candidate will have:

  • High School Diploma or Equivalent
  • Security Guard Certification/Training
  • Valid Driver’s License
  • Passing a background check, drug test and physical exam
  • Must be available to work weekends, evenings and holidays

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Security guards play an important role in protecting our communities from danger. They have the responsibility of ensuring that everyone in the area is safe and complying with the law.


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